interior services

At BOLDT we help you select great products to fit your space for the perfect solution. We believe in the importance of understanding our clients' needs in order to determine a solution that is most suited to them. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to Corporate, Educational, Health Care, Hospitality, Government, and Residential.

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At BOLDT we offer full space planning and consulting services. We believe that creating effective working environments and spaces requires planning and attention to detail but most importantly should start with an assessment of your needs. Here is what you can expect when working with us. 




With each project, large or small, BOLDT will always begin with an assessment. Here are some of the key areas we will consider:

1.  Type of work that your business does

2.  Number of employees to be accommodated in design

3.  How do you work/ use the space, what do you and or your employee(s) require

4.  Space and floor plan restrictions

5.  Budget 

6.  What is your style. This will help us determine the look and feel of your working environment

7.  What are your must haves for the space.

With this we will be able to educate you on the furniture and solution that will best fit your needs. A phone conversation, virtual meeting and or site visit is the best place to start.


Once we understand your needs we create and develop a functional furniture/ space plan. We will however require a floor plan in order to provide you with a solution. Don't have a plan? Not to worry we provide on site measurement services. In order for us to produce an option that best addresses the requirements determined at the planning stage, our space plan will combine a furniture solution with existing space . With our several leading furniture brands we represent it helps us deliver the best solution to you.  We will provide you with 2D and 3D illustrations in order to help you visualize the proposed space plan.


We know that certain spaces can present challenges which can make space optimization more difficult. By offering custom furniture we will make the best use of these types of spaces.


Considering and selecting finishes is the final step to any great design. We can assist you with selecting furniture colour and finishes to wall colour, flooring and lighting.


We make sure that  every detail of your order is correct and meets with your requirements. We will manage and track your order to meet your deadlines.


Not looking at purchasing furniture, but need some help making design decisions? We have you covered! If you have a few quick questions or need to make a series of design decisions; Design Consulting may be the best fit for you. We offer design consulting for both Commercial and Residential projects.




We have a dedicated team of furniture installation professionals to ensure quality control and exceptional on-site service.


Looking to relocate? Our office movers are furniture installers whose expertise is in protecting, transporting, and assembling your furniture. First time move? Not to worry we’ll be there every step of the way to minimize your effort and downtime. If you are looking for box moves, relocation or storage we have you covered!