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Space matters


We are an office furniture dealer and design consulting company specializing in Commercial

and Residential interiors across Canada and USA.

We want your projects to succeed!

We start with the premise that creating a better work environment is not just about providing

quality furniture. It is about understanding what our clients need and developing a solution that

will provide inspiration in the workplace.

We promise to work with you to offer a solution that supports your needs, style, deadline and


With an in-house design team we will work directly with you. Offering furniture consultation,

space planning, furniture specification, furniture finish selection, wall, flooring and lighting


Ultimately our incentive is to create inspiring spaces where you want to work.


Meet the all NEW Kip, the talk of the office. This table is ideal for any open office environment. Kip is the spot to collaborate on work, share a meal or immerse in inspiration. Available with hidden electrics and available in many colour options.

Award-winning Zola Privacy takes public seating and collaborative workspaces to a new level of function and sophistication. Wherever people are working, collaborating, learning, receiving care, eating and drinking - Zola Privacy creates space that artfully accommodates groups, teams and multiple users with exceptional comfort and modern style.

These movable walls are a fully customizable floor-to-ceiling panel system. Panel configuration and integrative capability with existing construction make VoloWall a must for fostering workspaces. Panels can be planned in any configuration with endlessly customizable features.




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